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Whatever you’re prospecting, we’ve got you covered.



Fuel Growth by focusing on the well-researched companies to go after


Key Executives

Quickly identify the right decision makers and influencers

LeadCrux Features
  • Advanced Search Filters

    Use over 12+ filtering options to identify all possible similar prospects.

  • Direct Contacts Only

    Don’t bother contacting generics (such as info@). With our platform, you can email real people.

  • Export Data in Excel Format

    Import the data in your CRM or manage the leads status in Microsoft Excel

Who can benefit from LeadCrux
An easy to use lead generation platform designed for Business professionals
  • Sales Teams

    Optimize your pipeline with new, targeted leads andspend less time prospecting and more time selling.

  • Marketing Managers

    Identify and connect with your ideal buyers through targeted email campaigns

  • Business Owners

    Grow your business by finding and engage withyour next customers.

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