How to get my information removed from LeadCrux?

To be removed from our business contact database, please send us a mail from your business Id at

Do you provide personal contact number of prospects?

NO, we don't provide personal phone number of prospects. However we do provide business line of contact's company.

Where do you get the email address?

Our email addresses come from a combination of SMTP email verification and public data.

What is your data accuracy?

We scrub our entire database quarterly but as you people leave and  join new organizations so 100% data accuracy is next to impossible. According to our results, at any point of time our accuracy is close to 90%. 

Account Registration

Can I access the application when my credits expires?

Yes, you can login to the application, but your search will be limited. But you can download your data anytime.

Do you add my contact information into your database after registering?

We don't merge users data with our core database. But just in case if your information is already present in our database or added later because of regular database addition, you can get it removed by reporting to us.

Why my account is not activated?

We do a final verification before making account active, just to make system safe from data abuse. If you're not qualified, we'll let you know with an email.

What are the requirements for opening an account?

Currently we are offering our platform to only business customers. Please register with Business email not with public ones like Gmail or Yahoo etc. 


I do prospecting daily, do you have any features to save my search?

Yes, You can save prospects search or companies search. This will save your time and keep you focused.

Can I download the data?

Yes, Of course. You can download the data in CSV or Excel format with just a click of a botton.

What all filter are available for Prospecting?

We've 11 filter so you can find your ideal customer in a jiffy. Some of them are Industry, Company Headcount, Company Revenue, Location. Create a free account and experience yourself :)


Can I save my unused credits?

We understand that sometime you may not have time to do prospecting, so you just need to buy a new pack before credits expiry, all unused credits will be transferred to new pack.

What to do if my email bounces?

We do many round of verification before giving it to you. But because of nature of business, sometimes email bounces. You can report all your hard bounced emails from Saved Leads page and we’ll refund credits.

Are the plans Monthly or Annual

We understand that everyone has different requirement, so we offer simple credits pack that you can buy paying us one time and  start using the platform right away.

Managed Service

Out of platform and Managed service, which one has better data quality?

You'll get better data in managed service. Since we do a fresh research every time we get custom requirements. But it won't be too much difference.

How many days do you take to provide list?

It depends on the targeting and number you are looking for. For most of the clients we deliver within 3 working days.

What is the difference between LeadCrux platform and Managed Services?

LeadCrux offers self-service prospecting platform to find relevant leads. But sometimes you just need a list due to time constraints or  narrow targeting, we do managed services, to provide the best data available.